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Last Revised on December 28, 2009

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My City Faces is a new site out that is providing industry networking and allowing people to post their profiles, offer products they sell or any kind of service they perform all for free. The website is very clean and easy to navigate. You just have to select your country first from the list, and then the state and then last you select your city. That’s how easy and great it is. Once you are in your city webpage, you get to do a lot of things. You can look at the members profiles, newest faces, most popular faces, event pictures and job postings.

It is different from other websites it offers wide range of features like creative your own extensive profiles, upload pictures, post job openings, add your favorite local businesses and much much more. All these are provided for free. is a service industry networking and advertising site allowing people to post profiles for free, offering products they sell or a service they perform. It helps benefit the business that is on a look out for networking and advertising without no cost. All the advertising and marketing are done for free; all you have to do is post your business and every information you would like to share with others. Business owners can post photos, coupons, videos, pictures and other things.

My City Faces site is for all of the business people from Beautician, Hairstylists, Nail Techs, Realtors, Doctors, Mortgage Brokers, and travel guide to everything. The site is little bit similar to linkedin but My City Faces is better in lot of aspects for it gives the freedom and local business browsing. If you want to join now, Sign up at

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