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Last Revised on January 2, 2008

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Airline flight delays can not only cause a tiny bit of frustration, but it can cause serious health problems like increase in your blood pressure level. So here are the most punctual and on time airline flights that you might consider riding on next time you travel on air:

Hawaiian Airlines has an onnual on-time arrival 93%. It’s the largest of Hawaii’s two carriers. During the month of October, zero of its 150 scheduled flights were late.

Aloha Airlines ranks second with on-time arrival of 92.4% annually. The smaller of the two Hawaiian carriers flies to the U.S. mainland, making it the second-most on-time U.S. flier.

SouthwestAirlines came third with annual on-time arrival at 80.4%. With 3,300 daily flights, the Dallas-headquartered airline is ranked number one among the big U.S. carriers, and the third most punctual overall. It’s achieved this by structuring its network around smaller airports and point-to-point flying, as opposed to the traditional hub-and-spoke model, in which connecting flights all land within the same time frame, increasing the likelihood of congestion.

Fourth one is Frontier Airlines and have a record Annual on-time arrivals of 79%. Denver’s hometown airline launched 13 years ago. Today, its fleet of 60 aircraft flies to points across the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

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