Most Expensive Restaurants in the United States

Last Revised on December 14, 2007

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There was a recent survey about America’s Top Restaurants by Zagat Survey and they found found out that New York City still continues to stay as the priciest U.S. city in which to dine out, with an average tab of $39.46. Other cities that included in the list were New Orleans, and Austin. But keep in mind though big cities around the world has far more expensive restaurants than the US does – for example London restaurants can cost nearly $79.46, Paris cost $74.24 and Tokyo as much as $69.58.

But here are the list of top priciest restaurants in the US.
-Canlis or Antoine’s restaurant in New Orleans; they started the restaurant business about 160 years ago.
-French cuisine place called L’Espalier in Boston.
-French Laundry in San Francisco’s Bay Area which can cost close to $240 plus tax just for the privilege of taking a seat at a French Laundry food.
-Masa restaurant in New York City: the table starts at $400 per person.
-Chicago’s Alinea has the 24-course tasting menu that can go up to $195.
-Joel Robuchon At The Mansion, Las Vegas: for a 16-course extravaganza you pay $360.
-Inn at Little Washington, Washington D.C. has food menu that varies from $148, $158 to $168 on different nights of the week.

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