Most Expensive Homes Buyers and Sold in Year 2007

Last Revised on December 4, 2007

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The years 2007 is almost over now. I can’t believe it; this year went so fast. The year was pretty good for me to start making money online. Hopefully, I will be able to buy a house someday soon from that. Anyways, here are the list of some most expensive houses bought and sold of this year:

1. The fist prize goes to Plaza Hotel in New York. I know it is not really a house, it’s a hotel. But please realize that Hotel is same like house; some people stay there for more than just a month. A building developer Harry Macklowe bought an entire floor of the Plaza hotel to make it a big residence. However someone has beaten him in this bid and bought one unit on the floor, so Macklowe may have to pay two or three times the value of the rogue $4 million apartment if he wants to be the floor’s sole resident. The total estimated cost is $60 million.

2.Plaza’s triplex penthouse, which has a view over all of Central Park in New York city, is only the second most expensive house bought in year 2007 so far. The 9,200-square-foot interior will be customized by the wealthy buyer, whose identity is unknown beyond a current London-based address.

3. The third place goes to a house in New York city as well. Leonard Blavatnik bought the $50 million home at 15 E. 64th St., There was also a news earlier this year about Blavatnik signing a letter of request to buy the Mark Hotel triplex for $150 million.

4. Former chairman and CEO of Citigroup Sanford Weill’s new 6,744-square-foot condo has 2,000 square feet of terraces and is the most expensive sale in 15 Central Park West’s 20-story “house” building.

5. Mayor Bloomberg expanded his real estate holdings by paying $41 million for a townhouse at 1014 Madison. The property has 10,821 square feet, but more importantly it is next door to another townhouse owned by Bloomberg. As long as he doesn’t destroy the exterior there, New York City laws allow residence combine the two properties into one behemoth 25,555-square-foot property.

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  1. richy Says:
    December 4th, 2007 at 9:44 am

    these people got the real money. millions of dollars on homes which they will sell later on.

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