Most Beautiful People in 2007

Last Revised on January 28, 2008

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Most Beautiful People in ’07. Some are familiar faces, others fresh and new. Find out who made PEOPLE magazine’s Most Beautiful list this year:

Scarlett Johansson. “My hair is such a disaster. I never blow-dry. I can’t do my hair at all. It’s just a burden,” admits the star ofThe Nanny Diaries.

Jennifer Aniston: For Om-girl Aniston, 38, the benefits of yoga go beyond just a toned bod. “I’ve had everything from deep laughter to deep sadness, where I was crying through moves,” she told Self magazine.

Patrick Dempsey: “The gray hairs certainly have come in the last few months,” says the 41-year-old of the grey in his anatomy.

Halle Berry: The Oscar-winning actress, now 40, explains how she looks better every year: “My choices today reflect the way I feel about myself – I’m happier than I’ve ever been and very comfortable being who and what I am.

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