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Last Revised on December 15, 2007

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Recently, the world’s fastest human calculator broke his previous record for working out a 200-digit number using nothing but brain to calculate in just 70 seconds. Alexis Lemaire is a 27-year-old Frenchman who has been able to successfully calculate the 13th root of a random 200-digit number from a possible 393 trillion answers.

Like an athlete, Lemaire trains and works on his brain everyday for the far harder task of finding the 13th root of 200-digit numbers. He is know as ‘mathlete’ and has answered 2,407,899,893,032,210 in 70.2 seconds, which beats the old record of 72.4 seconds, at London’s Science Museum. Before he started to sit down for this championship, computer was used to produce a random 200-digit number. The museum’s curator of mathematics, Jane Wess, said: “He sat down and it was all very quiet — and all of a sudden he amazingly just cracked it.

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One Response to “Mathelte: Top Human Brain Powered Calculator”

  1. none given Says:
    February 9th, 2011 at 9:26 pm

    This is not mathematics,this is uselessly useless
    and not Mathematics ,not even a glimpse of it .
    Just a simple irregularity in the brain .
    This is not something very interesting calculators are good at this.
    This has only one advantage an analysis of his brain could give us the way to make it general to all humans ,bio engineering .

    Source : Mathematician

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