Mariah Carey’s Sexy video

Last Revised on March 6, 2008

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Provocative Mariah video is talk of a town now – well on the web. Mariah Carey’s racy new video “Touch My Body” is the talk of the music industry.

Mariah is different from the other Queens in the music business. Mariah left Virgin Records after only releasing one of those four albums. But that one album that sold just 1 million copies, compared to the 5 to 10 million albums she generally sells, had to earn her the biggest payout. She signed to Virgin for a $81 million deal, but she walked away with $49 million after only releasing ONE album. She essentially received 60 percent of the profits for doing 25 percent of the work.

Mariah went from Glitter to “We Belong Together” which set a BDS record for having the largest one-day and one-week total audience. That’s a comeback. Now a days, it is the “Touch My Body” video that everybody is looking for.

Here is what I read recently: Mariah Carey the sexy singer is set to make fans happy with a sexy new single cover shot – wearing nothing but a hat. It goes on to say that she bares all on the cover of her new release Touch My Body, covering her breasts and genitals with a large, wide-brimmed black hat. That’s it.

It is not the first time Carey has teased with a naked shot – she raised eyebrows with her sensual ads for signature perfume M last year.

In the saucy ad, Carey appeared to strip off for a bath.

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