Low Calorie Diets

Last Revised on November 23, 2007

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You can use the Body Mass Index criteria to see if you really need to go on diet. Body Mass Index (BMI) is the most widely used measurement for obesity. The BMI approximates body mass using a mathematical ratio of weight and height [(weight in kg ÷ height in meters2) or (weight in pounds ÷ height in inches2 x 703)]. A BMI of 30 or more is regarded by most health agencies as the threshold for obesity. People with Body MAss Index of 40 are considered as morbid obesity

Here are some of the best low calorie diets that you can use to lose weight instead of the high calorie foods:

Diet Peach or Diet Raspberry Iced Tea instead of Kiwi Strawberry or other high calorie flavored tea. Sugar free over regular ice cream. one cup of microwave popcorn instead of 1/2 cup boxed caramel popcorn. Steamed corn tortillas to dip in salsa instead of the basket of high fat chips. Broth or marinade instead of 1 Tablespoon of oil for stir fry. Instead of two alcoholic beverages, drink one and follow with water. Use chicken broth instead of butter or margarine in stuffing. Go for tofu instead of meat will significantly decrease calories. Instead of chocolate cake, have a slice of angel food cake.

Please remember though there are some side effects for going with low calories diets: The person who is deiting can feel fatigue, nausea and experience diarhea and constipatioin. Some of the worse symptoms of low calorie diet side effects is a gallstone because of low calorie in the diet and losing weight too fast.

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