Lose Weight by Losing Waste and Clutters

Last Revised on January 3, 2008

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Extra stuff around the house can easily take away your peace of mind. But didn’t you know it can also cost you health problems?
Holiday season may have just ended for many people since it is already like the third day of the new year and many people are back to their work. But with people getting busy with their normal day to day life, they might be leaving a lot of outside packages and waste that came with the gift they received for Christmas and new year. It’s not the the waste from holidays gifts actually, there are lot of other kind of clutter we leave behind like trash that has to do with the foods we ate during the holiday weekends.

These are really unhealthy practices. It not only raises serious health hazards like risk of falling or tipping over and getting infected with germs and bacteria, but it also can make you feel depressed by looking by how everything looks like in the house.

But experts say the problem with all this is that many people are going about it in the wrong way. Too often they approach clutter and disorganization as a space problem that can be solved by acquiring bins and organizers. Excessive clutter and disorganization can often times be the symptoms of a bigger health problems. There are people who have suffered from an emotional destruction or a physical injury often who find simple task of cleaning the house a very difficult job.

And there is also attention other medical conditions involved such as attention deficit disorder, chronic pain and grief and depression, which can severely keep the person from getting things organized. They prevent the people from getting rid of house clutters and waste.

There is a word called hoarding which refers to a condition where the person involved has severe chronic disorganization. Many medical and psychological professional believe that is is a mental illness in its own right although experts haven’t it yet. Compulsive hoarding is defined, in part, by clutter that so overtakes living, dining and sleeping spaces that it harms the person’s quality of life. A compulsive hoarder finds it impossible, even painful, to part with possessions. It’s not clear how many people suffer from compulsive hoarding, but estimates start at about 1.5 million Americans.

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