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Last Revised on January 3, 2010

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The last time I drank light beer was few months ago. It was the day when my friends invited me to over their house. He was having a party for some reason, I couldn’t remember what the party was about. But it was awesome. Everybody enjoyed it since we brought all sorts of light beer there. And we all enjoyed watching the NFL sports on TV. We all had a good conversation about our lives too. We haven’t seen each other for long time since our college days. Wow, what a old days. We all drink the light beer in limit though due to which we were able to drive ourselves home.

But anyways, there is a mobile survey taking place. This survey starts today and runs until two weeks from now, which is march 14th. The day is Friday, just in case you want to know. The survey asks you what light beer you drink and things relating to that. After you answer all the questions, you get to enter into the contest for a chance to win a $300 gift card. A unique thing about this contest is that the chances of winning is pretty good because this survey is limited to a small number of participants making. Therefore when people enter this contest, their chances of winning is close to 1500 to 1; now thats a pretty impressive number.

Here is how you take the survey: you a send the text word “beer” to 24765. Then you will see 10 question to reply for. And don’t worry; all the questions are short and answers are much shorter.

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