Lessons Learned from Super Tuesday

Last Revised on February 7, 2008

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McCain surges, Huckabee surprises, and Obama and Clinton faced a long hard battle. Overall, there are few lessons and new things we learned from each Presidential candidates:

Hillary Clinton’s victories in Massachusetts, New Jersey and especially California show that her appeal and her machine are not easily undone by big-name endorsements or the continued strong African-American support of Obama.

Barack Obama kept his own, making significant inroads among southern white men, especially in Georgia. He trounced Clinton in his home state of Illinois, winning a greater margin than she got in New York. However, looking at Latino votes, we can say his efforts to sway the demographic have so far failed.

John McCain held his own momentum going and cemented his frontrunner status, with big wins in New York and California. He even won in Oklahoma, the most conservative state with no large Mormon population.

Mitt Romney failed to impress almost anyone, with wins in Massachusetts, Utah and a few other places he could not have conceivably lost. He vowed to stay in the race, but with Huckabee continuing to pull conservatives out of his column.

Mike Huckabee did far better than expected, which is mostly because he was not expected to do much of anything. West Virginia landed in his corner after McCain supporters decided to gang up against Romney. The challenge, and it is significant, will be for Huckabee to turn himself into something more than a regional favorite.

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