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Last Revised on December 8, 2009

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There are lot of people who are seeking jobs these days. But there are few people who are actually looking for jobs that they can work from home with no cost or start up fee of any sort to them. The latter one might be a better option if you are not working right now for many reasons. Firstly, real work at home jobs will save you the time and money you have would have to spend on commuting to a conventional job. It’s not just a matter of convenience, but many real legit work from home jobs have unlimited earning potentials as long as you have a desire and time. So – Yes, it’s possible to find well-paying work you can do from home that’s not a scam. There are some that pays $100K or more.You can turn a passion into monthly paychecks. In the following sections, we will list some of the best and top legitimate, no cost or fee work-at-home job opportunities.

What are the best legitimate, real and free work from home jobs out there?

Web developer and Computer software engineer or programmer – this job can be done at home anywhere there is a computer. A software engineer can develop, test and evaluate all the computer programs he was assigned to create.

Book Translator – this job requires you to translate the entire book into a different language from its original copy. A translator will spend his or her entire time reading the contents and then translate them into the assigned language from the comfort of home office. Most of the translator jobs are paid per task type. Copy editors basically does the same thing except they edit the grammar, style, etc of documents.

Data Entry, Medical Transcriptionist and Underwriter – these are probably the most common of all the legal work at home jobs that are available everywhere from online to sunday newspaper classifieds. These jobs are basically reviewing the file and entering the specific data into a form using the transcriptions, information databases and insurance/mortgage numbers.

Call center representative agent and tech support specialist – this job requires you to use phone at your house to answer the calls made by customers to your company. The job outlook for these work at home opportunities are good since most companies consider customer service a priority and want to use as less resource as possible – and having employees use their own house for work is the best your employer can ask.

Writer or blogger – do you like to write or use words to explain yourself. Usually the kind of people who look for work they can do from their house are introverted people, but they are very good at writing. Their writing skill is their best asset they can use in their favor to land a job as a writer for books, movie scripts, poetry, etc. Blogger online are also making money on the computer using internet. They can either run ads on their blogs or get paid to post reviews about products from advertisers.

Babysitting job at home. This job is not only fun and rewarding for people who like to work with kids, but it gives them the potential to open up their own daycare centre. Now this is really a legitimate job as well as business. If you live in suburbs you will notice houses that has a banner saying Now Enrolling, meaning they are ready to babysit your child if you are willing to pay.

Regardless of what your passion and educational background is, you can start up your own business with no fee and legal work at home. All it takes is a first and second and third steps. First figure out and research the market for your skills, second step is start the work plan and third step is register with the State so that your personal work at home job is legal by paying taxes on the earnings.

Good luck in your search for work that you can do from your house. Please beware all the scam and phony work at home job opportunity classifieds. Be sure to confirm the company is legit and well established one. They have to have a real mailing address, not just website url or contact email.

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6 Responses to “Legit Work At Home Jobs”

  1. unemployed ready to work Says:
    August 12th, 2009 at 11:17 am

    I have lost my job and have been looking for work for three months now. The problem is nobody is hiring at this moment, so I have searching for different kinds of work that you can get paid for while working from your home. The best one I found thus far is becoming a freelance writer. You don’t have to be a professional writer or have journalism degree, only thing you need is a internet connected computer and write about topics that interest you a lot. Also don’t fall for those scam work from home jobs that charges you fees to get started – they will only give you a list after you pay them. Look for list of totally free no fee work from home jobs instead.

  2. semi retired Says:
    August 12th, 2009 at 9:31 pm

    I have a list of name of the companies that hires people to work from their home. I don’t know if they still exist or are hiring. But here are the list – VIP Desk, Customer Loyalty Concepts, Baby to Bee, Verafest, Liveops, VirtuServe, Alpine Access and West. Most of these companies require you to own your own telephone and computer that is connected to the internet. They train you and pay you on an hourly basis since they don’t want full time workers. Shift varies, but the prospective employees who are applying must have good communication skills.

  3. Tyler - working from home Says:
    December 8th, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    Everybody has to realize that work at home jobs are no joke. Often times, you see a lot of scams online such as Make Money with Google from Home type scams. But there are indeed many online jobs that most people don’t realize exist. I myself work from home part-time. Although it will in no way support me, it doesn’t bring a pretty good stream of money for the the kind of work I do online. Just to give you an idea, imagine taking survey online and getting paid. Or writing things that interests you on websites that pay you. These are some of the legitimate work you can do online without any startup fee or cost to you.

  4. Panky Says:
    June 18th, 2010 at 5:46 am

    Hi Tyler,
    Can you give me some name of legitimate companies for Part time / online data entry job without any up front fee.


  5. Ebonyice79 Says:
    October 17th, 2010 at 8:01 am

    There are numerous legitimate work at home companies out there. Here are some that I have had personal experience with:

    West – westathome.com
    Liveops – liveops.com
    Arise – arise.com (start up fees involved)
    Working Solutions – workingsol.com

    Most of those are no fee start up. Working solutions has some data entry clients but you have to wait until they are hiring for that client.

    Hope this list helps

  6. what grinds my gears Says:
    February 25th, 2011 at 3:11 am

    You know what really grinds my gears..( LYING ) at this present time the economy is shot to hell and men, women & children are losing everything…husbands and wives are losing there jobs left and right which leads to losing your home or apartment, unemployment ran out so now you have to dip into your savings which is going pretty quick considering the cost of food, mortgage/rent, light, gas, water, school fees, insurance, Cablevision or whatever cable provider you prefer, cell phone, clothes, shoes, transport well you get the point..why would anyone be so cruel as to scam others and post fake jobs offers just to take what someone else has that’s trying to support there families with what little they have left..I myself am looking for work at home, in Nov 2010 I lost my mom to dementia being an only child I took care of her and was not working. even in that time I wanted to work from home and yes was scammed. really in this time where we are all uncertain of what tomorrow is going to bring, working from home is what can help us all..so please, let’s all be true humanitarians and help one another….anyone with real info on working from home please email me at: arubasunshine1@yahoo.com also at: allisgoodas@yahoo.com thank you for your time..this has been a special announcement from: what grinds my gears..special thanks to peter griffin of family guy…

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