Jobs That Can Help You Keep In Shape

Last Revised on February 10, 2008

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See when we talk about work and jobs, we think of a physical task. But in this modern day, a lot of jobs don’t really need much physical work unless it’s a labor job. So for that reason it is kind of hard to keep yourself in shape if you are trying to lose some weight and get on diet, etc.

Painters apply paint coats, finishes and stains to houses, buildings and other structures. They also prepare the surfaces by washing, sanding and stripping walls of existing paint or paper. As a painter, you get the chance to give your arms and shoulders a great exercise.

Landscapers maintain land areas by trimming grass and trees; mulching; fertilizing; planting flowers and trees; building walkways and patios; and removing snow in wintry areas. You’re constantly bending, lifting and shoveling mulch and fertilizer, among other things. Plus, since the job is seasonal, you’re working outside in the heat, sweating up a storm.

Child care workers look after children of all ages. They bathe, feed and supervise kids; take kids to and from activities; and play with them to keep them entertained. Carrying kids around, playing outside, picking them up and setting them down is a workout indeed.

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