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Last Revised on February 20, 2008

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Most of the bloggers like myself already know what IzeaRanks is, but there is will always be people who are new in this field and won’t know what IzeaRanks is all about. So here is my explanation. It is a blog ranking tool that helps define blog is doing better compared to other.

IzeaRanks is the first of its kind in blog ranking system that takes into consideration the real time data and site statistics of the blogs to calculate which blogs are getting the most traffic. This way they are able to tell which blogs are making the most influence in the blogsphere and web.

On their homepage they show the top 100 Blogs, which tells you which blogs are getting the most traffic on the web. According to the IzeaRanks, their “system weights blogs 70% on daily unique visitors, 20% by daily active inbound links and 10% by daily page views as reported by ITK. ” And what makes it more impressive is the privacy feature. User have the option to make their own website or blog’s specific data like pageviews and visits private so that other people can view them.

IzeaRanks not only helps bloggers, but it also helps advertisers since advertisers can tell which blog is gathering the most traffic and views.

Now there will be some critics who will say so IzeaRanks basically do the same thing what Alexa and Google Analytics and Pagerank do. But there IzeaRanks has some significant advantages over them. Google Pagerank is basically rank of how many backlinks and some unknown measures the blog has, so it doesn’t really show the traffic rank. And Google Analytics is pretty much private.

And Alexa is the worst. Alexa rank just simply shows how many visitors with the Alexa toolbar visited the site or blog, nothing else. That makes its ranking system close to invalid. Therefore, IzeaRanks is the best for it show the real time traffic ranking of the blog.

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