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Last Revised on December 27, 2009

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All people who have done paid posting know how important the Google page rank is for the blog. Advertisers often look at the page rank of the blog they want to do business with. But then more importantly, Google can penalize your blog and lower your Page rank to 0 if you are found using such blog advertising or paid review services.

Now there is a new concept that is emerging – IZEARanks.com. They say that that often time the blog advertisers are not looking for a page rank boost, but rather a buzz. So if that’s so, why not look at the blogs from traffic rank perspectives instead of cold page ranking system.

Izea Ranks is pretty easy to install. It’s a free service. They offer you a piece of javascript that you put inside your blog, especially right before the closing body tag, which looks like this . What this code does is that it collects and reports a rank to Izea website based on the actual traffic. And if you wan to keep your blog traffic information bit private, you can do so. Users get the option to choose whether you want to display pageviews and visitors or just your RealRank.

And to make their new website more famous and bring in buzz, they are giving away $1000 each week in the month of February to the blog with the top traffic and has number 1 RealRank.

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