Items You Should Buy Generic Not Brand Names

Last Revised on November 28, 2007

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People should go for Generic if they can find it. Generics are cheap and basically have the same ingredients that brand names have. Following are the products that you can buy generic:

Medications: The Food and Drug Administration requires that any products with the same active ingredient must meet the same efficacy standards. In consumer-speak, that means your drugstore ibuprofen must be just as effective as its brand-name counterparts, which includes Advil, Motrin and Pediacare Fever, among others. And the price difference can be astronomical.

Beauty and Skin Care Products: Next time you hit the drugstore to buy your favorite body lotion take a hard look at the drugstore-label version that’s likely sitting right next to your brand of choice. They are all pretty much, don’t go by brand names.

Foods and Produce: You can always find generic for foods and produce. Often times, foods and produce that are generic can be more healthier too. Price differentiation is a huge too. If you can’t find the generic for the food and produce you are looking for, ask for the assistance from store employees; they are there to help you.

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