Internet Use, IMs and Teens and Adults

Last Revised on December 31, 2007

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There was an interesting survey published that shows how teens use internet, especially the instant messaging (im). But adults on the other hand use something else for the same purpose.

It turns out 43% of teens have said that they use instant messang (IMs) to express something they usually wouldn’t say in person. Most likely it is because Instant Messaging is done so fast that people or teens don’t have time to ponder upon what they are really saying.

Also interesting is the fact that, 22% of teens in the study say they use IMs to either ask out for a date or accept the dates. So, adults use personal dating sites to find dates and teens use IMs online to do the same.

What about this 13% of teens say they use IMs to send a message about wanting to break up with their boyfriend or girlfriends. Some adults use phone to break up with their partner or relationships.

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