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Last Revised on August 18, 2009

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Not all illnesses can be cured completely. But there are some natural ways to cure what is ailing you that can simultaneously improve your health conditions as well. For example, breathing in the steam of boiling onions can alleviate headache and sinus pain. Here are the list of best drug-free solutions to treat your health problems naturally.

Acne – nearly two-thirds of the adolescent populations suffer from acne skin problem. But they rarely seek natural treatment, because there are lots of products available in the store shelves to treat the acne problem. However, there are many natural ways to cure them with the orange peel massage, drining lemon juice, and rubbing the garlic several time a day on the facial spot where the acne is located.

Bad breath – the bad breath smell coming out of your mouth is due to the bacteria producing hydrogen sulfide. The natural cure for this issue is to eat sugarless plain yogurt which has the bacteria culture that counteracts the bad breath generating bacteria. You can also try working on cleaning the tongue that carries a lot of germs.

Sinus and congestion – this is probably the most sought after problem to get treated naturally. The best and easy solution to this problem is to ingest hot steam coming out of the boiling water. It helps open up the nasal passages.

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