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Last Revised on December 23, 2009

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I finally signed up for PPP, that is Pay Per Post. PayPerPost seems to be the top income for bloggers around the world. Even though I live in the United States and have plenty of access to the internet computer, I never tried to use the blogging as a way make some extra money. But after reading so many blogs of other people, I am tempted to follow their bandwagon of blog monetization through PayPerPost and get paid to blog.

What I like like about PayPerPost is that they have been the most successful platform for blog monetization. PayPerPost homepage and user page interfaces are pretty darn good; it is simple but gets you everywhere from list of your blogs to opportunities available for you to blog about and get paid. I hope the PayPerPost stays here forever so that bloggers like us can get paid to blog.

There are few requirements of PayPerPost for bloggers that you can only find under their Terms of Service. Yes, only under TOS. There is any specific place where bloggers can find if their blog meets the requirement set by PayPerPost:
1. Not For Websites, Blogs Only. PayPerPost doesn’t accept forums, news websites. Only Blogs that are updated regularly is accepted.
2. Main Language English Only. The blogging content should have been written in English language. No exceptions.
3. Original Blog Content. The content of the blogs has to be original, meaning you can’t just copy and paste articles into you blog. Duplicate contents don’t work now a days. It will hurt your blog or website negatively.
4. Minimum Blog Age and Posts: Your blog has to be atleast 90 days old and there has to be alteast 20 posts written within that 90 days.
5. More than Just one post on homepage: Your blog has to display more than just a couple of blog postings on the front homepage. That’s what advertisers prefer.
6. Bad Content. PayPerPost doesn’t accept blog that are inappropriate in general. Blogs that contains mature contents like porn, violence, drugs, etc are not accepted.

I would like to purchase a new powerful computer from the money I make from PayPerPost. I can also use that money to pay bills to my web hosting company.

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