I Don’t Beg Anymore!

Last Revised on November 29, 2007

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So I’ve been pretty busy on DigitalPoint forums lately and started a topic named “So You Are Rich? Make Me A $1 Richer?” People have been telling me I am lazy, idiot and things like these. So I thought maybe i am lazy, maybe I am idiot; what is there that I can prove them wrong? There is nothing; until now I have been darn lazy and idiot and stupid. From now on, I will try not to be like that. I will try to make my time productive and make some real money.

I will post the amount of money I have made so far in the beginning of every month from now on; that way I will be motivated to make more money. One rich guy I know he said Greed is Good; so lets see what happens. Hopefully i will be able to post more money every time than before. Thank you and let me get back to making money. Yours sincerely, IntelliGenius.NET (aka glasshoper of digitalpoint forums),

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