How To Work Best Under Stress

Last Revised on February 19, 2008

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You can beat the work stress some simple tips and tricks. If You Get This Bad, It’s Time to Take. Here are ways to cool off:

Set A Priority List: Making a list of these, and doing something on the list when you feel “stuck” in long list of task, will help you feel you’re getting somewhere and not just spinning your wheels. That sense of accomplishment is a powerful stress reducer.

Don’t be Perfectionist: Many successful people suffer from a neurosis I call “A-student syndrome,” that makes them feel they have to be perfect at everything they do. This will easily stress yourself out even more than your job, or your life, actually requires.

Chill Out: From taking a deep breath, to stretching, to going over your schedule to cross off non-essential commitments, we each have things we know we can do to ease our stress level. Try to get in the habit of taking time for yourself to consciously manage stress. Take a short walk. Call a loved one on the phone.

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