How To Tell if Your Workers Don’t Like You?

Last Revised on February 8, 2008

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There are many signs from which you can know your staff dislikes you. Detecting these signals from your employees might indicate you are a lousy and hated boss.

You have a number of former staff: If you have worked with so many people under you, there is nothing much to be happy about it. It could be that they left the work because they just didn’t like your attitude towards them.

They don’t use you as a reference for new jobs: Think about it why your past staff don’t want to use you as a reference when applying for a new job. It could be that they think you dislike them just like they dislike you as a boss.

You never see people walk by: Employees would rather go around the entire office to get to the coffee machine or bathroom than take the shortcut past your door and risk being invited in.

Nobody volunteers in your projects: if your staff person is not willing to volunteer under your supervision, it could be that they just don’t feel like working under you.

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