How To Stop Dogs From Barking At You?

Last Revised on December 10, 2007

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Do you own a dog? Or are you scared of dog barking at you? If that’s so, you got to continue reading the rest of the article. I will show you how to tame the dog right so that they would be easy to control and would stop barking:

Accompany You Dog: Dogs have feelings. They can feel lonesome if there is nobody in the house and your dog is all alone in the house. That will surely make the dog bark as hell.

Listen to Your Dog. If your keeps on barking, there is a reason the dog is barking. The dog won’t stop barking until you start paying attention. Maybe the dog is annoyed with the cat that is sitting right in the front; you just simply have to move the cat to make your dog relax. See how easy that is.

Don’t Get Mad. When your dog irritates you, you should get irritated. Geting mad at dog will only make the matter worse. Just relax first, then deal with your dog. Animals simply don’t follow anxious, angry, or frustrated leaders. When you are playful with your dog, he will be playful with you; same goes when you are angry, your dog will start to act angry as well.

Move your dogs around. Sometimes the dog owners get so busy that they won’t walk the dog for days, if not weeks. That’s so unhealthy for the dog. After all, dog is an animal same like human beings. If we don’t exercise, our body deteriorates. Sometimes the dog can build up all the energy and all they can do to use this energy is to bark.

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