How to Spice Up Your Sex and Marriage Life

Last Revised on November 9, 2007

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Be Open and Talk Straight: It’s never a good idea to burst out at your spouse, so in order to prevent that you have to be always open and converse straight with your spouse. Sharing your deep and bothering thoughts will even make your spouse feel much worthy than if you keep your thought in your mind.

Act On Horny Moments: Couples can sometimes look back to the beginning of their relationships, when hormones were raging and passion was so intimate and way high. Husbands can feel it when wife dresses in high heels or fish nets or even a movie spouse find arousing. Don’t just let go these moments, use them. Work on it.

Keep the Good Sex Life: Sex is a very important part of marriage. When it’s good, couples enjoy the physical pleasure and they live in good mood. When it’s bad, even the marriage relationship itself starts to collapse because the couples start to look for someone else.

Do the Style That Works: You don’t always have to copy what other couples are doing to spice up their marriage and sex life. All of us are individuals. So you should do the things and styles that make both you and your spouse happy.

Do It for Your Spouse: There always comes a day when we don’t have a feel for sex drive, but our spouse is feeling very intimate. Do your spouse a favor by placing important on the sexual relationship. Your spouse becomes happy and more loving, which in return makes your happier too.

Know Yourself and Your Spouse: Like said before, each of us is build different. Therefore it is always a good idea to learn what we like and what our spouse like. Let your partner know what you like. There is nothing really wrong with watching sexy DVDs, or using sex toys. Even try different sex positions if both sides agrees.

Be Creative: After couples have been together for a long period, sex seems to be a tiring routine; sometimes it becomes hard to reach orgasm too. Try improving these things by changing the way you make love.

Don’t Reject Your Partner: There will be times when you simply don’t feel like having sex. But instead of just saying “no” or “I’m too tired,” which can feel like a flat-out rejection, offer an alternative. Try saying, “I’m exhausted. But if you wait until I catch a nap, I’d love to fool around then.” Or, “Let’s hold off until the kids to go to sleep.”

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