How to Quit Smoking with Text Messages

Last Revised on January 23, 2008

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Did you know that you can use our modern day technology Text Messaging system to help yourself quit smoking? Yeah, that’s true. Whenever you crave for cigarette, try to reach for your text messaging device like your cell phone. So instead of using Marlboro, use Motorola. Researchers at the University of Auckland, in New Zealand, have done their research regarding this and it has clearly shown its efficacy.

Get this. There were two groups of smokers and both of them are trying to quit smoking. The study found that those who received daily text messages containing tips on beating cravings of cigarette smoking and motivational words from other smoking quitters were twice as like to quite smoking than people who didn’t use the text messaging at all.

Add to this: the researchers also noticed that rates of quitting for the cell-supported group remained at high percentage even after 6 months. “People tend to carry their phones with them at all times, so it’s a readily accessible means of providing cessation assistance,” says study author Robyn Whittaker, M.D. “It’s also relatively anonymous and confidential.”

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