How To Make Some Extra Money Each Month

Last Revised on January 23, 2008

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Are you getting short on cash every now and then ever after working for a full time job? If so, you should start looking for some extra income:

Become eBay seller: believe it or not you can sell on ebay. Even if you think you have nothing to sell, look around your house, there should be some unwanted things that is either laying around or hidden in the closet or you car garage. Just sell it on eBay; most likely it will sell it because eBay has millions of people lurking around for your trash and their treasure. One important thing to realize while selling things on eBay is to sell your unwanted things for cheap.

Cater around: C’mon you can do it. There are lot of small short term and part time jobs in restaurants. Just ask in the restaurant that you often visit for such kind of jobs.

Participate in research and studies: Look around in free local newspapers or on the internet for research studies participant offers. They won’t be your full time job, but they will surely give you an extra income for the month.

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  1. Skull Says:
    April 27th, 2012 at 11:41 pm

    Your shipping crgeahs are good but with 2 days left and no bidders on anything that means your prices are too high.eBay buyers are looking for a deal, typically, they’re looking for items that have bids under $5 and reasonable shipping. Ask yourself what the retail price is (new) and then take 50-80% off of that, and that’s wat eBayers are expecting to pay. Was this answer helpful?

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