How to Make Cell Phone Battery Last Longer?

Last Revised on March 16, 2010

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Just few years ago, not many people had cell phone. It used to go by the name mobile phone since people used fixed landlines. There are so many advantages to own a cell phone now a days as the calling plan rates have gotten cheaper and many comes with so many features such as texting, sms messaging and even surfing the internet, especially with the smartphones like iphone and blackberry. The only problem cell phone users have to complain about is the battery. The more you use it, the sooner the battery dies. Luckily, there are many tricks to contend that.

Tips and tricks to save cell phone battery and make it last longer:

Networks make a difference. In the United States, we have two most common ones GSM and CDMA by various carriers. ATT and T Mobile uses GSM, whereas carrier like Verizon employ CDMA network technology. It turns out somehow GSM consumes more energy and thus batteries of the phone that rely on this network dies early. So think about this next time you plan to get a new cell phone and the battery life is your top priority.

Most of new cell phones, especially the ones with touchscreens, come with control settings. There you can change the volume, brightness,  and even the length of your ringtones. Maybe your cell phone is little bit too bright eh? The brighter the screen, the more juice out of the battery it will use. Or simply turn down the volume of your ringtone. Also note that the vibrate function use more power than ringtone.

Use your cell phone for the purpose you bought it – many of us these days are using cell phones often time for text messaging, pictures, mp3, games, web surfing, etc then use it to talk. That means the cell phone is being used more than 5 times its expected original purpose. Similarly, the battery will be drained more as well. Therefore if you want to save the cell phone battery so that you can talk for a longer period on it for days and weeks then maybe don’t use it for other purposes.

Do you really need a wi-fi, bluetooth and 3G stuff on your phone? Unless you really need to use them on your cell phone, it is better to avoid them. Things such as wifi and bluetooth search can drain your cell phone battery life very easily, 3gs can cost you lots of money if not used cautiously.

Got lots of apps on your phone? Maybe it is cut some of them off now. Some apps such as flash animations are very intensive on the batteries. More intensive is when you download or update them. Instead get an app that helps you monitor the cell phone’s battery life. Now that’s the smartest app you could purchase.

Did you know your cell phone could be turned off? There is a power button on every cell phone that I know off. If the cell phone is not going to be used for days or even few hours, you might as well turn the power off if you aren’t expecting any calls. Otherwise, you can simply turn off other useless features on your cell phone off such as continuous email updates.

It may simply be time to replace it. Lets be honest to ourselves – cell phone batteries don’t last lifetime, not are they expected to. That’s why it comes with charger when purchased brand new in a box. And after hundreds and thousands of charging, the battery start to lose the maximum capacity. That’s why in the beginning a fully charged battery might give you 20 hours of talk time, no it is only giving you 15 hours. Therefore, don’t overcharge than it needs to be.

Lastly, try not to expose your cell phone to a direct sunlight on hot weather. The batteries last longer in a room temperature. This also helps prolong overall life of the battery. Simply never let the battery fully discharge; nor overcharge it. Simply unplug the cord, because overheat could kill the cell phone batter once and for all.

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  1. Mobile Maniac Says:
    September 5th, 2010 at 8:11 am

    Awesome Tips! Dark backgrounds on your phone saves battery power too but can be tricky to achieve with everything you do on your phone and what model you have… You can Google in black though at bGoog

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