How to Make a Copy, Backup Or Burn Your DVDs

Last Revised on January 25, 2008

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There used to be a time when family pictures used to be the most important asset in the house. But now a days, family videos seem to be taking over that place. Videos are very easy to make now a days, but it can sometimes be hard to make a copy of your dvd videos if you don’t find the right software to do so. You make copies of your cds and dvds because it can be stolen, scratched, lost or even get broken. Computers don’t usually come with a software that will back up your saved dvd videos. Burning a dvd or making a copy of DVD is getting easier though. 123DVDcopy has a DVD backup software that make the entire process easier.

What you can do with that DVD burning software? You can do a lot of things with that software besides making a high quality copies for you to share with your family and family. You can also use it as a YouTube software because it is very easy to transfer your favorite YouTube Videos to various output devices like iPod, PSP, PC/PDA/Smartphone, Toshiba Gigabeat, Creative Zen PC Xvid, DivX, Zune, Sandisk and much much more. With this dvd copy maker software, you are able to create a perfect copies and you even have the open to compress the video so that the entire video can fit into your dvd and cd discs.

One of the extra unique feature of this dvd backup software is that you can change the format of your dvd to whatever you prefer from dvd format to internet videos formats such as avi, asf, wmv, real, mpeg, Divx.

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