How to Know When to Leave or Quit A Job?

Last Revised on January 23, 2008

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Do you think it is time now for you to dump your job? If you’re afraid of coming to work almost every day, maybe it is th time to consider a new job really. Not everybody likes their job, lets be honest. Believe it or not there are people who search for some disease on the web to call in sick with the excuse of having that disease next work morning. It doesn’t mean you are sucker, what it means is your job sucks and it is time to move on to a next career not a new career:

Losing A Piece of Mind at work. Just be honest we all work not to help other people but to help ourselves by working and making money from that. But what if you are getting totally stressed out at work and have to visit hospitals a lot for that reason. Then it might be time to reconsider since health is more important that anything.

Not Anymore Interested. Did you used to get up early and happy for the job? But things have changed. If you have been at your job for few year now and have been liking it until recent months, it is quite possible that that job is not for you or more properply – you are not for that job.

Not liking the boss. Your boss is more than likely to stay at the work as a boss. So if your boss doesn’t treat you right and the company admires him, then maybe you should admire another job and another company. Some experts, however, do believe though it is a good idea to tell your boss what you need to succeed in your job — be it more lead time on deadlines or more backup when the workload is piled sky high.

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