How to Interest a Single Woman?

Last Revised on December 25, 2009

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So you are a guy who has a special interest a woman who you found out is single and ready to mingle. What do you do and how to interest the woman? Well many men make the mistake of thinking too much about what they should say. To make your life easier we have gather up the top best tips to approaching single women anywhere and raise their interest in you:

First thing is to make sure you really do like her, and it is not just a temporary attraction for one night or fling type of thing. Be observant without looking like a stalker however. You can do so by either writing down or detailing in your head that woman’s special charismatic features and traits.

Next step is to make sure you are the type of person she might like. This is pretty easy. Just approach her casually and be yourself; comment about her something that was noticeable but not sounding dumb. See most guys try to rehearse in advance what to say; which could go awfully wrong when you are not being spontaneous.

Men’s best asset beside his wealth is his smile and sense of humor. Some guys have low self esteem for they think they are not bulky enough or looking not too handsome. Girls really don’t like guys who spend so much time on their physical looks; they might like such thing but it is for a very short period of time. After few days of dating, girls will sure lose interest in those guys. See women don’t like men who have more time than them in front of the mirror or gym. Women wants men who will make them happy – which can be achieved through money and good sense of humor.

Since we are talking about laughter matter, it is also important to have a low tone of voice. Women don’t want threatening high tone of voice to hear. Actually this part you could indeed practice before approaching the women. Vocal tone is very important on first date.

Respect her space. Here in the United States we have something called personal space that we don’t like to share with anybody else, sometimes not even with our dearly beloved ones. So if you just getting to introduce yourself to that women, don’t get in too far in her zone. Because it can send a wrong message. Keeping yourself bit at distance while reaching out to her will make her curious about you. And if you are the right guy who you though you were for her, you are at an advantage because she will be asking you questions and stuff.

It is very important to not overdo things; you have to keep everything in moderation. Don’t ask too many question and don’t explain too many things in too much details. Remember your first chance has to be dealt with sensitivity toward her. Relationships also tend to last longer when you are sensitive to each others feeling and try hard to not break the trust and continue loving.

In conclusion, the best way to get single woman’s attention is to be smart, cautious and know that she will like you for sure, in addition to carry a good sense of humor and education, if not wealthy yet at least.

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