How to Get The Tax Refund Quick, Easy and Early

Last Revised on December 31, 2007

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If you like most of the average people expecting a big tax refund, you might be wondering how to get your tax refund early and easy way. Well, there isn’t any short cuts that you can take to make your tax refund process quicker, you can take steps to make the irs refund your tax on time:

First step is to gather all your income, revenue and tax forms. Your employee should send you your w 2 forms just to make you get started. You can also use 1099 forms for any interest, dividends, and sales of stock that you performed during the tax year.

If you live in a state without an income tax such as Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming, you should be looking at possible deduction of sales taxes too.

Use your calculator wisely. Don’t try to fool the irs because you will get caught sooner or later and will end up paying hefty fines. But in the meantime, add up your income and spendings so that you get the tax refund money you deserve.

Report as accurate as you can. You shouldn’t just be reporting the money you made as a salary or wages from your work company. You should also be adding up interest and dividends of the money in your bank.

Mail your tax return to the correct address. Yeah seriously, if you send it to the wrong address post office won’t send it to the right IRS address by guessing or assuming. Instead you should do all your tax return process carefully from start to end.

The best way to file your tax return, however, is believed to be e file instead of traditional paper return. E file is where you file your tax return on the internet.

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