How to Fix a Cell Phone With Water Damage – Repair Tips

Last Revised on December 20, 2009

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I have never thought of owning a cell phone – that is until I was tempted and end up buying the Apple iPhone, an expensive cell phone that cost more you more than just few hundred dollars and have to sign a two-year contract with the service provider. Long story short, my phone fell into to toilet water and was not working properly. Even if your cell phone is still covered under the warranty, it won’t cover you if it is damaged by water. You will have to find your own fix and repair it.

So how do you fix cell phone that has been water damaged? There are so many ways to repair it but often times you have to try each one of the repair tips until it is finally repaired and good to use. The reason behind that is because all cell phones are different, some might be more water resistant than others; it will also depend on the severity of the damage sustained by your cell phone, how deep you dropped the cell phone in the water or how soaking wet it was. Without any further ado, here are the tricks, fixes, tips or whatever you want to call them:

First thing first, if you know your phone just become wet you should leave it turned off because the wetness could result in short circuit. If you aren’t sure whether your cell phone was damaged by water, here is how to know this – a red or pink color indicator on the phone means that there is water damage. A white color means that there is no water damage. These colors are the indicators that cell phone manufacturer and technicians use to tell if it was your fault of water damage or something else when it stops working. Warranty doesnt’ cover the cell phones with water damage, but insurance often does though.

So, try disassembling it as much as possible without ruining it of course. Put them on a dry towel in a warm area such as nearby ventilation or air conditioner or even a fan. This will help dry much faster because all parts, especially the SIM card and battery, will be separate out in the open air. However, try not to shake or move around your wet phone too much because that can make the water penetrate into areas that are hard to reach.

Remember if your cell phone fell got dropped into a not so pure water such as dirty dishes water definitely clean it up first. After that you can use an absorbent such as a tower or cotton swab.

Now clean your cell phone, or the parts if you succeeded in taking apart, gently. The main purpose is to dry. After you thoroughly dried it, it is time to get rid of the moisture. Remember unless you were able to completely taking apart your cell phone, you will still have tiny bit of water left deep inside it. This is where many “cell-phone-wet-to-dry-experts” clashes with their own personal opinions along with experiences.

Most grown ups, especially the women, seem to prefer using the bag of rice to fix this issue. They suggest that the water damaged phone be placed in a closed plastic bag of rice, which is pretty good at sucking water from its surrounding. If you don’t have uncooked rice, you can use silica gel packs; the only thing is you have to seal the bag air-tight like in a ziploc type. Just let it stay inside for at least one day or an over night, if you can’t help. Some say the water was gone within 3 hours of leaving with dry rice whereas others claim they had to leave for as long as 72 hours. Longer the better, because that way you pose lesser risk and better chance of phone getting fully dried up and fixed. Some girls even want to use their blow dryer or vacuum cleaner. Is that a good idea? No, the excessive heat from blow dryer could make damage your cell phone worse to the end, instead of fixing it.

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