How to Find a Lasting Love Partner?

Last Revised on January 14, 2010

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If you are hoping to find a love for a serious committed relationship instead of a casual dating you are at the right place. One of the best tips is to be more open minded but still maintaining your cool and not being overzealous.

Here are the best ways to find and recognize the long lasting love partner:

Communication is the key – we can’t overemphasize it enough, but whether you are seeking a relationship or are already in one communication should be the top priority to begin and maintain it. Once we stop talking and  interacting less and less, it is leading us on a path of destruction. But remember communicating more isn’t necessarily the best thing to do; it is to communicate effectively so that you don’t hurt his or her feelings but still having a chat. See if you want to know more about this cute guy, you can communicate with your eyes. And if a guy is interested in that girl for a serious love relationship, don’t be too shy to acknowledge after few meet ups. You can’t always expect other people to take the initiative, sometimes you gotto step up your own effort in this game.

Be somewhat a risk taker – a lot of people are pretty shy to go infront of someone they feel hot about. Only exception is the bar, where guys just openly goes upto a girl and offer drinks – but then they aren’t looking for love to start with, more often than not. More people have shifted gear towards online dating and relationships website instead, where they don’t feel too shy about starting the conversations and initiating the whole thing first. You have to be a risk taker to break the ice; if you are too afraid to reach the women or men of your interests, just take a chance – even if it is in a real work, you can just pretend like this is happening online.

Recognize the green light signal – if you are serious about finding a love, you should keep your eyes open in the environment you expect to meet that person. When the person doesn’t look at you, it could mean he or she has no interests and very rarely that too shy to admit they like you. In either cases, it is better if you could  keep your eyes open to notice any signals he or she sends you. Once you find your partner, stop seeing or seeking other fish/chicks. That’s how a committed relationship works. You can admit you have been looking around and have met couple of other people but now that you have him or her, you will end this hunt.

Most important is a Trustworthiness – since you are looking for a real love partner for the rest of your life, you should consider narrowing your dream guy or girl to someone who you can not only rely on for now, but can also have full trust of staying by you in this life no matter what. Most of us, who have exes – ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends – that that they were so sweet, nice and dependable when we together with them; but after breaks up happen all this fake love is gone. A true love partner will never leave you to start with; and even if you two do end up breaking up love remains inside our hearts and minds. I personally broke up with my girlfriend three years ago (we both had our shares of mistakes), I still love her even though she doesn’t want to hug me anymore but sleeps with random guys and at the end comes to me to pay for her cell phone bills. I make less than average Americans but still help her – I think that’s a true love.

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2 Responses to “How to Find a Lasting Love Partner?”

  1. Gangnir Says:
    May 10th, 2011 at 3:43 am

    maturity sure is the first step in a serious relationship..

  2. Open Says:
    December 17th, 2015 at 9:46 pm

    Let me ask YOU a question: If a guy dempud you because he was just looking for a quick and easy lay and you didn’t provide that to him, then would that be a good thing or a bad thing? The RIGHT guy would wait, the RIGHT guy would understand, the RIGHT guy would be patient, because it is true, Good things come to those who wait. If you meet a guy that you really do like and you’re out with him on your 2nd or 3rd date (wouldn’t get to those dates if there wasn’t some mutual interest and attraction), then simply be open and honest with him. Tell him that you’re looking for more than just sex and that you want to get to know a guy first. You can always add, I’ve really enjoyed our time together and I really like you and I’d like to continue seeing you and see where things might lead. AND when it comes to romantic love between a man and a woman, well . it usually always and eventually DOES lead to the bedroom, but all in good time. Trust me, if you say these things to a guy, then he’ll interpret as this, I’m going to get laid. Okay, maybe not THAT night, but there’s a real good possibility that the guy WILL get laid. It might be in a few weeks or a month (or whatever), but as long as that carrot is dangled out there.. the RIGHT guy will wait.I’m a guy and I’ve done the internet dating thing off and on for probably . well .. since they’ve had it AND I’ve never been the kind of guy who ever pushed a woman to do anything that she didn’t really want to do or was not comfortable in doing. I wouldn’t even mention anything in my email correspondence to a lady about getting together or make any suggestions about us meeting in person, let alone exchanging phone numbers. I’d wait until the lady felt comfortable enough to make the suggestion herself. Usually after phone numbers exchanged and a few phone calls, then both parties might begin to get a little anxious to meet in person.I’m afraid that there are MANY men out trolling the online dating sites just looking for women to bed and they aren’t really interested in anything serious OR they’re confused, chilidish, and immature and don’t really know what they want, so they listen to a part of themselves that they shouldn’t (I stopped listening to him, well mostly since I was 25) OR mostly they are just not the one for you and not even worthy of a second date (let alone the first). Let me actually be blunt and honest, there are a lot of men out there who are just plain old rotten stinking PIGS! Some of the emails women have shared with me that they’ve received from other men, well let’s just say that a lot of men are pigs, but do you want a pig?Too often in my life I have met someone, fallen for them (and they for me), known them a VERY short time (sometimes hours or just a day or two) and then shared the most intimate of physical encounters that a human can experience and share with another . and I didn’t even know their last name or the names of their kids (or if they had any), or who they really were. I didn’t even know if I liked this person, yet here I was making love to them? I’m a very open and honest person and somewhere there is a very big contradiction.How can you make love to someone you don’t even know or know if you truly even like?My perfect dating situation or experience would be to meet a lady who a really liked and was attracted to (got to have that) and with whom I shared time, experiences, thoughts, dreams, and beliefs AND who became my best friend first and then became my lover.I’m not old fashioned by any means, but I think our divorce rate would be much lower and our overall life and love fulfillment would be much greater, if we DID take a step back in time with our courtship process. That is one of the reasons I kind of like the online dating opportunities, because it gives you a chance to truly get to know someone first. I guess I can say that because I think of myself as a fairly decent communicator and I can type way too dang fast. The process just harkens me back to the days of Percy Shelley and Lord Byron the Romantics. There was a time when a man and a woman would begin a courtship from afar through the slow exchange of long letters. But, it is when you are alone with pen and paper in hand (or keyboard and screen in front of you) that you can truly be open and honest in that anonymous way that such correspondence does provide.Of course the greatest love of all is the love that is inside of you and sweetie you’ve got to love yourself enough to know that you are more than worth the wait. If a guy isn’t willing to wait or is looking for something else, well Hit the road, Jack . SillyLittleBoy

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