How to Earn a Promotion at Your Job

Last Revised on January 23, 2008

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You have been at your job for years and never earned a promotion; what you should do now? Unless you are working in a very low paying job and the kind of job that requires literally no education or anything, you should try to get a promotion sooner or later.
If promotion is your goal now, then you should work on achieving it now:

Make Yourself Heard or Known: Your should work at your job, especially where your boss can see you working most of the time. Learn what your boss likes about the workers. You can also consider volunteering, that will gather your boss’s attention for sure.

Help Others to Help Yourself: You should see what your boss needs help in, that way you can help him and you can get what you want – the promotion. That will impress your boss. It’s really important to be aware of what is going to make your boss successful, what is most important to him or her.

Do Your Job: That should be your number one priority if it is not yet. If you don’t do your job, don’t hope for promotion even at your night or day dream.

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