How to Clean Your Cell Phone – Quick and Easy

Last Revised on September 20, 2010

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How clean do you think is your mobile devices such as cell phones? Because of new era of smart phone technology such as iphone, blackberry, palm pix, evo 4g and htc, more and more people use it every single moment of their daily life and thus leave a lot gunk on them.

Here is how to clean your cell phone quick and easily without scratching:

Use a swab – all the touchscreens, no matter whether it is iphone or something else, are magnets for fingerprints, sweat, oil, germs, bacteria and makeup leftover. They can easily coat any surfaces of your cellphones; but you can remove them by using a dampened (not with rough house cleaners however)wipe, which can be either a microfiber or glass lens cleaning cloth type. You should use a dry cloth if if the screen has soil-resistant coating on it. Check with your phone manual to find out what products the manufacturer recommend.

What kind of wipes should I use for cell phones? You can use disinfecting wipes, lint free paper towel but not the regular tissue, rubbing alcohol, soft cloth, cotton swabs, glass cleaner, q tip, or the ones that comes with your newly purchased phone along with soft bristled brush. Avoid using rags that you use to clean around the house windows or car windshields as they are frequently exposed to hazardous chemicals. With the LCD screens avoid abrasive cleaners as they will do more harm than good.

Simply dust off: keypads can get sticky if you don’t clean them once in a while. The best technique is to use a can of compressed air to dust off the keypads just like you would do on your computer or laptop keyboards. This works. Other option are using a small soft brush such as baby toothbrush to whisk the dirty. You can find a lot of tricks online about cleaning your phone but be careful since following some of them can take away, that is void, the warranty on your new device. Make sure you don’t put the entire phone in the water, you will destroy your entire phone and the battery; just spray a cloth with touchscreen friendly liquid and clean around the buttons and crevices.

Can’t hear your phone ringing? Earphones isn’t working? Could it be the speaker issue or the connector? Maybe it’s not the hardware or broken wiring issue, but a plain old earwax in your phone’s earbuds. Yuck. You can remove them fast by gently scrubbing with a soft brush by stroking in different motions. Better yet, if you can unscrew the cap simply dump it in hot water so that the dirt or earwax gets loosened up. Be sure to dry them before using it otherwise the earbuds will attract more dirt and wax.

With the speaker part, gently use a brush in such a way that the speaker is facing downwards so that the dirts will fall down. Most phones can be disassembled (with iphones, blackberry, htc, palm pixi may not be possible or bit harder unless you go to the special stores for help), if that’s possible with yours then remove the faceplate, keypad, and batter if you plan to clean the whole phone. But this can potentially void your warranty if it hasn’t expired already.

Don’t spray directly onto the phone as it can easily damage any kind of electronics. Make sure you squeeze out any excess liquid on your soft cloth or swab that you are using to clean the phone as it can easily get inside your phone. Allow your phone to thoroughly dry it before using it.

Yes you can use alcohol wipe or spray; but the trick is you have to get the right one. Only use alcohol isopropyl with concentration above 95% so that it won’t  conduct electricity when coming in contact with inner circuit or any connector. So chose your phone cleaning agents appropriately.

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One Response to “How to Clean Your Cell Phone – Quick and Easy”

  1. dakota,screen cleaning Says:
    December 8th, 2010 at 12:58 am

    alcohol wipes, etc are great and so handy. keep in mind that about half the wipes you find now aren’t alcohol wipes but contain benzalkonium chloride instead, which is also a disinfectant, but is replacing alcohol in many cases as it’s less drying, not able to be abused by goobers and is gentler on your skin. just make sure your wipes aren’t linty!
    *sometimes i grab a little hand sanitizer foam in the dr. or clinic and dampen my phone with it. ..just don’t wet it!

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