How to Charge Your Cell Phone Wirelessly – with Charger Pad

Last Revised on May 31, 2010

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Wireless charging has gone mainstream even before every cell phone user notices it. If you don’t understand what I am talking about, here is a brief overview. Recently, various tech companies designed and marketed a cell phone charger that will charge your phone wirelessly – they don’t need to be hooked onto each other.  Meaning, your iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre and Droid can be charged wirelessly with this charging device. This wireless phone charger goes by a general name – charger pad. Lots of these – plug in your charger and charge phone wirelessly – have already hit the stores like Best Buy and WalMart, and many people seem to like them.

List of wireless cell phone chargers – charging phone wirelessly

Powermat, Splash Power Charger, Duracell’s myGrid, Powerplate Wireless Induction, Wild Charge System, Touchstone, and Castemate Fuel. This is the most comprehensive list of gadgets that charges your cell phone wirelessly. It is same like wireless wi-fi system. You got a router and a laptop; similarly, you got a charger and a cell phone. Both works helps their partner without being plugged into each other. However, remember they have to close to each other. Router technology is old and thus improved a lot – the range can go far miles. Whereas the cell phone wireless charger technology is pretty new and the furthest range is no range; only thing is they don’t need to be connected. All the ones listed here works with most cellphones out there, especially the big names like iPhone, Blackberry, Palm pre and pixi, HTC, etc.

Seriously, how do cell phone chargers power up phone wireless?

If you are thinking these devices are complicated, then you are wrong. At least, as of right now, these charging system are pretty simple. Remember they are just a new born. So here is how they work. Like I said before, there is no range in these devices – the phone has to be literally be on top of the charger to power up the battery. The only thing is, there are no cords – you just have to lay your cell phone on top of the charging bay. This is different than iphone or ipod docking stating  where they have to be carefully snugged on the dock. Ok lets explain one by one:

PowerMat: Power Mat is probably the most popular wireless phone charger right now. I was thinking there were couple of other devices that came before it to do the same magic. So unfortunately I can’t give them the credit as an innovator, but I will give them the credit of being aggressive and confidant in their product. Powermat has launched a series of advertisement on television about what it does – that is charge your cell phone without being plugged into the charger. They are pretty confidant and I think their product does fairly well compared to others. It also works with bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, digital readers, portable gaming systems, music/mp3 players and GPS navigation systems. It has a sleek charging pad, on which you simply drop your electronic devices to get it charging. Powermat comes into two different parts – a mat and a receiver. A mat is where you put your cell phone and the receiver is the case or sleeve for your phone that acts a a receiver, you leave it attached to your phone permanently. The only downside is that the sleeve is pretty bulky; else everything is so cool.

myGrid by duracell basically does the same thing. It works with your Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Motorolla and Nokia phone, wirelessly charging them. They are ultra slim, gets rid of too many cords dangling around and can power upto four phones at one, without having even single one of them attached to the charger. It comes with a powerclip and power sleeve. Oh yeah, they are safe to touch. No electric shock. You would think the company aren’t dumb to forget about safety precautionary measures, would you?

And Palm Pre comes with a pre installation of wireless charging option. And it doesn’t require any sort of power sleeve or adapter. That’s where they are ahead of iPhone eh.

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