How to Avoid Getting Sick?

Last Revised on December 28, 2009

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There are many simple and easy ways to stop getting sick. Even though there isn’t a specific time frame for when people get sick; we all know during the winter season people tend to get cold and sometimes flu. During the holiday seasons, many people gain weight and drink quite a lot and some people ignore the medications their doctors put them on. This puts them at risks for health illnesses.

Try these simple strategies to stay healthy and avoid getting sick from other people during the winter, summer and all season long:

Handwashing is the best prevention for most infectious diseases, no matter how mild or severe they are. If you have taken any healthcare courses, more than likely you have felt how much emphasis they put on washing your hands all the time. Health professionals wash their hands constantly, before and after getting in contact with the patients. That’s one of the reasons why healthcare workers don’t get sick physically, but more mentally. Practice good personal hygiene and clean your surroundings.

Put clothes in layers. Whether it is summer or winter, you will always have different temperature inside and outside your house or workplace. If it is too cold outside, building are typically running at pretty warm temperature heating system. And if its too hot outside, sometimes we over cool inside. Therefore, some smart people put their clothes in layers so that they can put them on and off very easily, without overdoing it. If you feel too cold, don’t be shy to wear hats, gloves, scarfs and your other gears to safe yourself from catching cold.

Just do it, physically. Seriously don’t just sit there and plan or procrastinate what you going to do. Instead just jump in and give your body some physical exercise. It will enhance your metabolism, immune system and blood circulation. One recent study conducted recently shows that people who follow intense gym sessions with a rubdown restore levels of molecules in saliva that stave off germs.

So far we have been emphasizing so much physical health, but mental, emotional health is also important. The stress and depression can wear you down to an extent where you don’t feel like doing anything. It is good to take care of yourself, when you feel like other people are mean to you or don’t care about you. Remember, in the end it is your own health that matters. You can engage in activities and hobbies that interests you. Life is meant to be lived healthy and fun.

Eat right. Getting proper nutrition is one of the most essential part of healthy body. It can prevent us from from getting sick. All diets are not same, they all have different amounts of nutrient ingredients in it. Therefore, it is important to eat a well balanced nutrition diet, especially the fruits and vegetables that our society tend to eat less.

What not to do to stop getting sick? Avoid unhealthy activities such as smoking and drugs. They can not only make your prone to diseases but also weaken your entire system from head to toe.

Get proper preventive cares. Besides everything we discussed above, there are other things you can do to take good care of yourself. One such thing is getting proper vaccination to prevent seasonal flu. Flu shots can make you immune to those viruses. And there are times when you do everything you can to stay healthy and not get sick, but fall ill at some point. If you have done everything you can, then maybe you should see a doctor and find out what is really wrong with you.

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    Stop Getting Sick! Easy Ways to Stay Well All Season

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