How to Ask a Girl Out on a Date?

Last Revised on November 4, 2010

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Sometimes asking a girl on a date may seem like a nightmare; but often times this is because you are lacking confidence in yourself. A guy thinks he is out of that girl’s league may never try to ask her out. We will discuss dos and donts so that your first try will result in her saying yes.

Top Ten Tips for Asking a Girl on a Date:

1. Be straightforward and don’t try long routes. If you want her to go out with you, you better put your foot down to make your you do it. Otherwise what’s the point of wondering whether she will reject you or accept you – you should have thought about it before making the decision. Also your first impression and try will tell her a lot about your; remember girls like guys who have self confidence.

2. Ask the girl out in person. Even though social networking sites such as facebook and twitter has gained a lot of moment in the past few years, the old fashioned way of asking out for a date in person is still the best way. This is because it is more intimate and says you really want her. In the meantime, you have to realize what kind of person she is because some girl wants to take time to think before saying yes; so messaging through email or texting maybe a better choice in such cases.

3. Smile and make an eye contact. Not like a pervert but like a nice guy by reflecting genuineness. A lot of guys wonder why girls fall for guys who don’t deserve any dates, one these most of these guys have in common is the confidence. It is easier to see the confidence than the kindness. A shy personality can make you look not so adorable sometimes.

4. Don’t just give her your number. Even though some guys want to believe that the girls like them a lot and thus giving them your number will make her call you. This makes you look cocky. Unlike conventional wisdom says, unless you are a celebrity or some famous guy in the place where you and that girl spends a lot of time, it is better if you ask her number first and then give her your number.

5. Make it clear that it’s a date not a business. Don’t be vague when asking a girl on a date; you have to use specific phrase to indicate that. A lot of women are serious about the business or work they are doing, and if you weren’t clear enough she might show up dressed in a business attire thinking it’s a business meeting. There are girls looking for love and just waiting for you to step upto the plate, and not wait for plate to come to you.

The most important thing is that the guy should go right to the girl, be straightforward, and ask for what you want! But do it careful so that it is not seen as a harassment. This technique works in life, and it works in relationships.

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One Response to “How to Ask a Girl Out on a Date?”

  1. eharmony dude Says:
    November 11th, 2010 at 11:35 am

    In general the best way to ask any girl out for a date is to become friend with her first and within a week ask her out. The one week period is important because if you wait too long, the spark insider the girl will be gone. And if you do it the first day, she might not be sure.

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