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Last Revised on November 28, 2009

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Have you been searching for a job that is not only in demand but pays high as well. Then you are in the right place here. Whether you are a student preparing to graduate and land in a working field or somebody who is intending to find a new job that is easy to get and pays high too. Currently the mean salary is the US is about 42,500, but the Bureau of Labor of Statistics survey showed that a lot of people intend to make couple of tens of thousands more on their paychecks to live a comfortable life. And that’s possible even in this economy, because there are jobs that always seem to be hiring but doesn’t have a qualified candidate or people don’t like to work in that job field.

So what are the jobs that nobody wants even though it pays high, literally?

1. Post secondary education teacher. This job is stressful as you are dealing with teenagers who is ready to leave the school for college. But it does pay a good mean salary of $60,000 a year.

2. Registered Nurse. Also goes by the title RN. This job is very high in demand and government says that it will continue to grow as baby boomers age. Lots of nurses are old and retiring. So how come nobody is taking this job? It is because the school is hard to get into and stressful. Average nurses makes more than $65,000 each year.

3. Computer and Network System Administrator: This job requires working with the computer and keeping the company’s network running. Everyday could be same or a different. As more and more companies start to rely on internet for their businesses, the professionals in this field is a must-have for such employers. This job pays close to $70,000 annually.

4. Physician Assistant – this is probably one of the most overlooked job since it is almost a medical doctor but not really one. Physician Assistant knows quite a lot since he or she works with a doctor and assist them, but due to lack of official educational training they don’t qualify to practice as a doctor. This job is deemed to stay in demand, while the average earning for this work is above $88,500.

5. Accountant: this personal is usually good at math and deals with tax and other financial aspects. They earn over $50,000 in salary. Most of them tend to start their own business and increase their income twice as much.

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  1. job consultant Says:
    December 17th, 2009 at 11:23 pm

    well I am no human resource manager for any company, but I do know that the public relations positions are hot right now. They are not only high demand but you will also make $42,000 right away.

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