Happy Hanukkah to All the Jews

Last Revised on December 4, 2007

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Jews all around the world are going to celebrate Haunkkah this evening. The celebration is a an eight day festival filled with menorah’s first candle lights.

Hanukkah is often considered the favorite holiday of Jewish children because they don’t have school and in many cities they celebrate with dancing, music and plays for youngsters. Jewish children in Israel are given four-sided tops, or dreidls, decorated with the letters that form the acronym “A great miracle happened here.” Outside of Israel, the saying is “A great miracle happened there.”

As another candle is lit each night, Jews start to remember the miracle of oil lasting one-day’s-worth for eight days, which happened after a Jewish won over foreign oppressors. The battle victory dates back to thousand years ago. Over 80 percent of Israeli Jews are believed to light candles on Hanukkah every night.

Hanukkah used to be a minor Jewsish festival but over the years the festival has grown large because the festival days falls close to Christmas holidays. Some people believe Jesus paid visit to a Jewish temple on Hanukkah. That day is known as the Feast of Dedication. As part of the festival, Jews in Israel include the food recipes that includes a large portion of potato pancakes and dougnuts. According to tradition, the pancakes are fried in olive oil, after the oil that lit the temple’s candelabra.

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