Gifts That Can Destroy Your New Romance

Last Revised on December 13, 2007

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If you are in a new relationship, there are couple of things that you should avoid giving to your new boyfriend or girlfriend. Because these gifts can ruin your new romance, relationship and even a chance to develop one:

-Jewelry: Jewelries like gold and diamond ear rings are to be given when you are proposing someone. Otherwise it can mislead someone to think it as a proposal.

-Household items: Please do realize that your new romance should be taken as an individual not as someone who has a family or anything. After all, these household items can be bought later when you two settle and live together.

-Too personal items: Don’t get him or her very personal things like underwear and bra. These are too intimate and make it look like you want to see your date in them.

-Gift Cards: When you buy your new relationship partner a gift card, it makes you either look cheap or someone who hasn’t realized what he or she is interested in yet.

-Clothes: Unless you go with your date and buy what he or she desires as a gift, don’t by anything all by yourself. It can send a wrong message that you don’t like what the other person wears that much – like he or she is too out of fashion and things like that.

-Exercise Equipment: Please please don’t buy that for your love. It is like trying to say he needs to gain some muscle and she needs to lose those heavy pounds.

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