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Last Revised on December 28, 2009

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A lot of people who own a website and blogs run one or more ads on their website. But not many of them make enough money. The reason is because those ads either require your site visitors to click on the ads or you need a thousands of visitors to see the particular ad, which is also known as impressions or eCPM. The price rate is not good at all and often time they don’t convert that good either. So people are looking for alternatives everywhere. The top ad networks they don’t seem to be doing anything to benefit the bloggers and webmasters so far.

But now there is an alternative to these. you don’t need your visitors to to click on anything. And they won’t leave your site that easily. Net Audio Ads is the one that is here to help. They give website publishers and bloggers a relevant 5 second audio ad on your site. The advertisers will buy ad plays on websites for 100% of visitors. What this does is that it results in a 100% conversion rate. It is estimated that nearly 108 million websites have signed up for their service until now and it is continuously growing on a daily basis.

That’s not the end of the story yet. They also offer a very lucrative affiliate program. They will stop offering this affiliate program on February 1, 2008. After February 1, 2008, the program converts to a “Host Only” model, meaning you will only make revenue from the ads placed on your own site. So for that reason, it is a good idea to join them as fast as we can. Any website that joins right now can continue to be in their free affiliate program even after February 1, 2008. It’s time to make some money for sure.

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