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Last Revised on December 11, 2007

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Have you seen lately how much the social networking sites like Myspace and Facebooks is getting popular? It has pretty much always been popular like that ever since they started. Although they have free chat rooms, the thing these social networking sites are lacking is the free one on one voice chat. But there is a new solution out there now called talk121. Phone chat is far more interesting since you get to hear the person’s voice instead of just writing; voice chat is very spontaneous.

Talk121 is a website that gives you access to the free local phone chat line services. There you can do live chat and browse through variety of voice personals and messages left by other users. This service is free for both local boys and girls.
What you basically do is call the number first and leave your voice personal ad, through which others can find you. Although the callers aren’t pre-screened, the service warns you when you first make a call. All the chat lines there is easy to understand and use. They offer you free tips regarding safe dating.

Here are some of the things to like about talk121 free phone chat lines: you don’t have to leave or give out your own phone number unless you give out yourself to the person while you are voice chatting with. So it gives you an easy way to stay anonymous if you would like to.

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