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Last Revised on January 2, 2010

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Everybody seems to be searching information about one another online now a days, but it is not always easy to find the right result. Often time, I noticed there are sites that you have to pay like $29.99 to get the person’s information search results report. And we don’t even know if it their search result report contain any unique information at all or not. For that reason, the website’s search seems more reliable. It is free and the search can be done based on information you put in there such as the name of the person, e-mail, or personal attributes like Harvard alumni, blond hair, blue eyes, and other things.

I like the Spock for it not only delivers information, but you can also add information to it. So if you find a search result in Spock that doesn’t contain any or not much information, you get to add information by yourself. Now that’s the kind of website we haven’t seen. The search performed there yields very custom results; for example take a look at the search results for Pro Choice Presidential Candidates:

The search results that you get on there are pretty accurate since they use the tag feature. Tag is like a word that is unique to that information that you are trying to obtain. Tags could be like instructor, body builder, brunette hair, etc. User on Spock have the ability to create that. But the member make it more accurate further, because they get to vote the tag word people have used on a particular information or objects like picture. Within a search result are links to a person’s other locations on the web places such as Wikipedia, LinkedIn, blog, answers, yahoo answers and others.

Spock is not a social networking site even though it sounds like one. But it does give its members the capabilities to message each other. Their Trust Network allows users to personalize the search so that any Spock connection users have will show up first-even if it’s the extended network. So for example, if a user searched for Doctor- rather than CNN Doctor Sanjay Gupta, user’s closed friend would appear on the top first result.

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