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Last Revised on October 30, 2009

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There was a strange article released recently in Men’s Health magazine. They had an article up about helping women to find a man, not the opposite. So they released top hundred best places in the United States to find a man. But it was special though, the list is for women who are over 35 to find a man their age too.

1. San Jose, California is the top place to find a man. The city at the southern end of San Francisco Bay has the greatest concentration of single, intelligent, physically fit men who love high-adrenaline activities. And they’re not all tech geeks. There are plenty of others to choose from in this diverse city, where residents speak more than 52 languages. The men stay in shape, too. On any of the more than 300 sunny days a year, you’ll spot muscular guys in the well-maintained public parks and on the numerous hiking and biking trails.

2. Next was Salt Lake City, Utah which offers a world-class mix of art and culture, from the world-famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir to the Sundance Film Festival. During the warmer months, the Great Salt Lake is the place to swim, sail, boat, or kayak.

3. Third is Arlington in Texas: Everything’s bigger in Texas including the hearts of Arlington men. Guys here invest more of their disposable income to charities than most, and they’re down-to-earth. There are tons of other male-dominated places to find a mate, including the Rangers Ballpark, River Legacy Park, and Six Flags Over Texas.

4. Fourth was Raleigh, North Carolina: This corner of the Research Triangle is full of smart, successful singles (third highest in college degrees). Outdoor activity is high on the list for Raleigh men, whether it’s hiking, canoeing the Neuse River, or teeing it up at legendary Pinehurst, 65 miles away.

5. San Francisco, California: Fog-veiled mornings, the Golden Gate Bridge — it’s easy to see why this city is one of America’s most romantic. With a dot-com resurgence, “We’re getting the overflow from Silicon Valley of guys that want to meet women. There’s definitely a buyer’s market for women here.” San Francisco was top-ranked in the categories of education and fitness.

Here are the rest of the list:

6. Fremont, CA 7. Austin, TX 8. Minneapolis, MN 9. Washington, DC 10.San Diego, CA 11. Charlotte, NC 12. Dallas, TX 13. Denver, CO 14. St. Paul, MN 15. Seattle, WA 16. Houston, TX 17. New York, NY 18. Madison, WI 19. Fort Worth, TX 20. Durham, NC 21. Anchorage, AK 22. Oakland, CA 23. Honolulu, HI 24. Columbia, SC 25. Los Angeles, CA 26. Colorado Springs, CO

27. Lincoln, NE 28. Anaheim, CA 29. Burlington, VT 30. Atlanta, GA 31. Aurora, CO 32. Baltimore, MD 33. Riverside, CA 34. Chicago, IL 35. Boise City, ID 36. Yonkers, NY 37. Fargo, ND 38. Portland, OR 39. Jersey City, NJ 40. Manchester, NH 41. Grand Rapids, MI 42. Columbus, OH 43. Sioux Falls, SD 44. Lexington, KY 45. Wichita, KS 46. Phoenix, AZ 47. Sacramento, C 48. Omaha, NE 49. Boston, MA 50. Montgomery, AL 51. Nashville, TN 52. Norfolk, VA 53. Bakersfield, CA

54. Indianapolis, IN 55. Kansas City, MO 56. Des Moines, IA 57. Greensboro, NC 58. Little Rock, AR 59. Richmond, VA 60. Lubbock, TX 61. Philadelphia, PA 62. Baton Rouge, LA 63. San Antonio, TX 64. Tulsa, OK 65. Modesto, CA 66. Jackson, MS 67. Fort Wayne, IN 68. Oklahoma City, OK 69. Hartford, CT 70. Providence, RI 71. Las Vegas, NV 72. Wilmington, DE 73. Fresno, CA 74. Milwaukee, WI 75. Spokane, WA

76. Cincinnati, OH 77. Albuquerque, NM 78. Memphis, TN 79. Jacksonville, FL 80. Orlando, FL 81. Pittsburgh, PA 82. Newark, NJ 83. Detroit, MI 84. Cheyenne, WY 85. St. Louis, MO 86. Corpus Christi, TX 87. Louisville, KY 88. New Orleans, LA 89. Charleston, WV 90. Billings, MT 91. Tucson, AZ 92. Birmingham, AL 93. Rochester, NY 94. Miami, FL 95. Tampa, FL 96. St. Petersburg, FL 97. El Paso, TX 98. Cleveland, OH 99. Bangor, ME 100. Toledo, OH 101. Buffalo, NY

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