Foods That Can Keep You Awak All Night Without Sleep

Last Revised on September 30, 2011

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What are the foods that you should avoid before going to bed so that you can fall asleep easily and not stay wide awake and alert. Cold water, lean proteins, and healthy carbs can keep you awake. Here is the List of Sleep stealing foods

Caffeine: This is first on our list because everybody knows about it but sill continues to take it. This is sure a good use if somebody wants to pull an all-nighters whether to study for an incoming important exam the next morning or having to stay up to work late night. But be sure to eat and drink something else if you are going to do these important things because you need energy, which caffeine lacks – caffeine is only a stimulant to provide you with the feeling of alertness, but it has no darn energy help you move you muscles much.

Old Cheese: Ok by old, we mean aged – ahem aged cheese. You see cheese has a high level of amino acid tyramine, which makes our brain feel more alert and refreshed. Many people might think that the fatty foods make you sleepy, but it turns out that’s not the case with aged cheese. Older the cheese is the more tyramine it has. Chocolate milk contains tyramine too – it is converted into dopamine which is a nervous stimulant. Parmesan, Romano, Asiago, and other hard cheeses are all the yummy smelly ones but the high levels of the amino acid tyramine are known to keep you up.

Hot Spicy foods: If at possible, try to avoid these foods during bed time. Eat them for lunch or something. One reason spicy foods is not good to eat right before heading to bed is that lying down can bring up the hot and acidity feeling up through your throat and prevent you from getting good night sleep. If water can help you, good luck then.

Processed or Smoked Meats: You can find a lot of smoked meats in Cub foods and target in their deli counter. Leaven processed and smoked meats along if you want to develop a good sleep pattern, as they contain tyramines to make you feel awake and not sleepy if you eat them for supper meals.

Alcohol: If at all possible, try to stay away from alcohol; if not, only drink in moderation not anything more. Alcohol is not only a depressant, but it can also negatively impact your decision making thought process. In addition, it can also keep up all night. It is strange because many people drink alcohol to relax, but it actually prevents our body from entering the REM and other deep stages of sleep. You will feel far worse in the morning also unrelenting nauseous, headache and tiredness.

Ginseng Tea: Yes, tea is good for you; most of them are also healthy in helping lose weight or keep brain sharp. However, ginseng tea has a drawback since it is very refreshing and stimulant to our brain, some people who drink them have experienced insomnia when they drink that tea right before going to the bed.

So these are also the foods to avoid if you are trying to get a good night sleep.

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One Response to “Foods That Can Keep You Awak All Night Without Sleep”

  1. happy sleepless nights Says:
    September 30th, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    You have to balance out these foods with the proper amount of whiskey ( and/or scotch, gin, vodka, rum, tequila, etc ). The sleepless foods actually soak up the alcohol like a sponge, and the combination breaks down fat while removing calories. Sorry, wine (and whine) does not work! This is actually a true science based and can be read online in the article “5 things people who write 5 things articles don’t want you to know’. I have found that drinking enough Vodka overrides the spices and cheeses. I sleep very well . And it’s more fun !!

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