Foods that Can Help You Lose Weight

Last Revised on January 9, 2010

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Did you hear about the new slim-down mantra of eating more to weigh less yet? Some of you might have already seen the ads on TV such as that of NutriSystem, a program that helps you lose weight by eating more healthy foods. The way these food works is like these – after eating them, the chemical components inside them either make us feel full, stimulates metabolism or burn fats. These are serious foods and no joke. You might be surprised at some of the tasty foods that can help trim your waistline. Full-fat cheese, for one.

So What Foods Help You Lose Weight? Here are the top 10 lists:

Eggs – According to the book 101 Foods That Can Save Your Life, the protein in the egg is very filling to our stomach; this makes us eat less right after having the eggs. There was a research study done on women who were undergoing low-calorie diet to lose weight, in it those who ate egg with jelly and toast lose weight twice more than those who had bagels but with no eggs.

Cheese – Now this may sound contradictory, but cheese does help you shed some fatty pounds. You ask how does it do that? It has one of the best muscle building protein called casein. This is a very simple program to lose fat by converting into muscles. There was also a study published by The American Journal of  Clinical Nutrition

Oats – Oatmeal is probably one of the best breakfast meal for anyone, because it is not only heart healthy but also packed with lots of nutrition. It is a good source of fiber so your body can easily digest them while keeping you full. One serving of oatmeal can easily contain 3 to 5 grams fiber, which is excellent compared to other foods.

Whole Grains – Another good choice for morning meal is a whole grain cereal. The new whole grain cereals we see these days are very tasty, without any added sugars. Instead they come with small pieces of chopped fruits to make it a very well balanced diet for anybody who is on a very low calorie diet to very high calorie diet but without having to gain too much weight.

Fresh fruits – year really any fresh fruits can do their magic, special apple and berries which contains pectin – a chemical that is able to stop and limit the amount of fat our body absorbs from foods we eat. It also has a property of absorbing water and throwing them at fat deposits, so occasionally it is able to pulverize some of the fats from the collection. Fresh vegetables are also healthy, that can go as a salad with any kind of foods.

Spices – thermogenic foods like chilli and spices can raise our internal body temperature to an extent where it is able to burn down the fats and calories more easier that others. Cinnamon is also known to handle sugar well, so our blood sugar doesn’t shot way up; so less insulin might be needed.

Eat fresh meats – some people can’t help to stay from meat. But there are options. You can try lean fresh meats and cook them in ways such as baking and broiling so that the all the fats gets drained. The heat process that the meat goes through can easily cut down about a third of the fat in it and that is before it even went inside your mouth and reach the belly.

Ginger and parsely – now what if you don’t eat much of a fat foods, but you still gain weight very easily? Maybe you should ginger once in a while and see what happens because ginger has gingerols that relieves stomach bloating. And parsely pretty much does the same except it is able to fight against water retention problems that our body suffers sometimes.

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  1. try ice cream and potato chips together Says:
    June 17th, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    I heard the hot foods help lose weight too, i guess it means both the foods that are hot in temperature and in taste. Correct me if I am wrong.

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