Easy Learning Opportunities for Babies

Last Revised on February 1, 2008

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Your babies are growing but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t learn yet. You can give them the opportunities to learn through these easy ways:

Observe objectively. Be aware of your baby’s rate of development, and his temperament, so that you can help him achieve new heights at his own pace. After they achieve it, then raise the bar, by giving him more complex tasks.

Help with multi-sensory. Give your baby sound cues to spark her interest. To encourage your older baby to reach for a toy, make it one with appealing textures. Or allow her to chew on it first, then move it just out of her grasp.

Encourage exploration. Praise him highly for succeeding, but praise him equally for trying new things.

Help discreetly. You can do many small little things to make your child’s tasks easier without him knowing, so that he will gain confidence and continue to explore.

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