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Last Revised on January 31, 2008

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Buzzfuse is a new content marketing service on the web right now. If you are looking for a good traffic driving website, then they might be the one for you. They help you expanding you reach and deepen interaction with the audience. Right now they are also providing reports that help you understand who your market is and what they do with your content.

In the future they plan on offering a potential to earn cash for doing exception performance within their online content marketing system. The sign up process is very easy. You just give them the email first, they send you the verification and you log in. There you can add all your info in your personal profile section. You can also get a code for your blog page or web page. If you want you can also select, audio or video file. It is very easy as clicking a button. You click on prepare and then publish. You are done.

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