Dreamhost versus Lunarpages

Last Revised on January 16, 2008

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A lot of people who run websites and blog don’t seem to look long term when finding a good webhost? Take a look at all the customers who have signed up with Dreamhost, which offers one of the cheapest webhosting price and gives a lot of webspace and bandwith. But is there a catch? Yes, there is a serious catch behind that cheap hosting tricks – you have to sign up for long term like for a year, two years, 5 years, etc. The problem with such contracts is that people can’t tell the future; they can’t tell if they will be really using that much webspace and bandwith, set aside the long term hosting contracts they are trapped in after signing up.

There is actually an option to get rid of that contract without losing anymore money. So recently Lunarpages has been launching campaigns to help those people who are stuck with Dreamhost for good. They created a coupon code DHRefugees that not only gives $40 off hosting with Lunarpages, but also add like 9 months of paid time the users have spent under the Dreamhost contract. That should seriously help a lot of former Dreamhost customers and people who are looking to get out of Dreamhost contracts.

You can find out how to get such a deal on Lunarpages offer for DreamHost customers. Lunarpages have multiple host plans, but the most basic hosting package comes with 15,000 GB of Bandwith trasnfer and 1,500 GB of storage space. You get one free domain name and you can add upto 10 additional domains to host under that hosting plan. The cost is $6.95 per month.

Here is a brief information about Lunarpages: they have in this web hosting business for more than 8 years no and their hosting plans are very diverse to suit the needs of diverse customers – like beginner ( which is also know as LPQuicksite), basic, business, windows, Linux, VPS & dedicated hosting plans, which supports website and blogs running Ruby on Rails, JSP/ASP. All the plans come with unlimited databases, email accounts, parked domain and multiple ftp accounts. They have PHP5 and MySQL 5 servers.

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One Response to “Dreamhost versus Lunarpages”

  1. GMTurner Says:
    January 22nd, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    True, the long term contract to get the “great” price at Dreamhost is a “catch”. But it’s an up-front catch you know about when you sign up. The tactics that LP is using with their DHRefugee offer though, but misleading the public about the nature of a billing error at DH, have left a bad taste in the mouth of many people, myself included. I was a happy, satisfied customer with Lunarpages for a long time. Unfortunately, decisions made by those higher up in the organizational structure of Lunarpages have left such a bitter taste in my mouth that I left them for Dreamhost after the 404 page fiasco that Lunarpages tried towards the end of last year. To me, Dreamhost is upfront about things and willing to take the hit when they mess up. Lunarpages will try and deceive you through fake reviews posted by employees and try to cover up their mistakes, rather than taking responsibility for them. Cheap web hosting is a cut throat business and both companies have their pros and cons. So, I’m not going to argue that anyone should sign up for Dreamhost, but I do urge caution when signing up with Lunarpages… especially in terms of the integrity of the people behind the company name.

    Just something to think about…

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